Economic market analysis of restoration seed industry in the United States

  • Conducted a market analysis of the restoration seed industry for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on a national scale as well as the scale of the Colorado Plateau
  • Liaised with the BLM’s Boise Seed Warehouse and the Great Basin Research Center (GBRC) in order to gain information on seed buys for the BLM for the past 10 years
  • Utilized seed demand invoices from the GBRC to create a database of BLM projects with specific seed mixes
  • Applied seed mix information from the GBRC in order to conduct studies on the costs of restoration for natives versus non-native species
  • Analyzed seed buy information from the the BLM’s Boise Seed Warehouse and the GBRC in order to understand the spectrum of seed suppliers to the BLM, the role of seed collectors, and the changes over time in the type of suppliers

Modeling fishermen behavior in the Pacific Northwest under climate change

  • Documented a literature review on the behavioral modeling of fisheries and fisherman in light of climate change models for the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.
  • Clean and coordinate federal fisheries data utilizing a statistical software
  • Link logbook data to vessel permit data and U.S. Coast Guard data
  • Provide summary statistics from initial data on fish landings

Analyzing Wood Biomass in Pennsylvania

  • Reviewed projections on forest-based renewable energy development in Pennsylvania
  • Analyzed the availability of wood biomass (cordwood, forest logging and mill residues) throughout the state
  • Analyzed the conservation impact of wood biomass production on forest ecosystem, freshwater and rare wildlife habitats
  • Worked on the development of forest decision tool, stewardship and forest management plans to help landowner to manager their land in accordance with NEPA
  • Collected and processed GIS data; GIS mapping of TNC preserves and easements in Pennsylvania