Jamaica's first Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) Scheme

  • Act as the key advisor to the Inter-American Development Bank for the design of a payments for ecosystem services (PES) scheme in the Yallahs and Hope watersheds that provide water to 63% of the residents of Kingston, the capital of Jamaica
  • ·Co-Coordinator and member of the Evaluation Committee for the identification of a firm for the design of Jamaica’s first PES scheme
  • Headed negotiations and vetting of the firm that will be principally responsible for the design of the PES scheme
  • Conducted a workshop with 40 stakeholders from the Jamaican government and civil society to explain a comprehensive plan for developing a PES scheme in the Yallahs and Hope watersheds
  • Drafted a terms of reference for a firm that will be hired to produce outputs for the design of the PES scheme
  • Conducted a two-day long workshop to explain, review, and update the terms of reference with key specialists from within the government, the national university, and non-governmental organizations
  • Continuously provide advise and supervision to the Jamaican government and the Inter-American Development Bank for the hiring of consulting firm to design the PES scheme
  • Coordinate with the Inter-American Development Bank and the Jamaican government to address questions related to the design and implementation of the PES scheme through weekly audio conferences

Management and Protection of Key Biodiversity Areas in Belize

  • Lead expert for the “Management and Protection of Key Biodiversity Areas in Belize” World Bank/GEF project
  • Managed and provided technical oversight to four consultants in the areas of social development, environmental management, communications, and carbon accounting
  • Organized and drafted the Project Appraisal Document (PAD) for project, which included:
  • Project background and description
  • Results framework
  • Lessons learned
  • Incremental cost analysis
  • Identification and detailed analysis of six project sites
  • Implementation arrangements
  • Solidified project area (KBAs and area within KBAs)
  • Designed project activities in collaboration with four consultants and multiple stakeholders and in line with the approved PIF
  • Conducted and analyzed information for a thorough literature review of project documents
  • Developed a monitoring and evaluation system for all components of the project
  • Conducted consultations and workshops at the national and local levels to reach consensus on final project details, enhance project ownership, and define implementation arrangements
  • Developed project operational manual, including first eighteen month work plan
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Integrating the economic value of ecosystem services into road design

  • Worked with transport and natural resource specialists at the Inter-American Development Bank to design a scoping project to identify opportunities to incorporate ecosystem services into transportation projects in road design, road maintenance, and urban areas
  •  Supervised a Stanford University post-doctoral specialist for a month working with transport specialists across the IDB in an information and capacity building effort
  •  Identified interests from transport specialists in key areas of engagement and future pilots within the region

Capacity building on the role of ecosystem services to improve road maintenance

  • Building Capacity in the Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services
  • Worked with the Conservation Strategy Fund to identify trainers and assisted in the design of capacity building trainings for IDB staff and their country counterparts on the economics of BES
  • Coordinated with USAID to engage their sector specialists in trainings
  • Transport training: 30 participants including IDB and USAID specialists from transport, safeguards, private sector, and government officials

Evaluation of the efficiency of climate change funds

  • Report written reviewing the climate change and environmental instruments of the World Bank for Latin America and Caribbean, which included:
  • Overview of all climate change funds where the World Bank has projects
  • Beneficiary countries of the climate change funds
  • In depth analysis of each climate change fund where the World Bank has projects including amount of money invested, number of projects, and identification of least developed countries
  • Analysis of which climate change funds the World Bank does not participate in
  • History and explanation of each climate change fund
  • Recommendations for future engagement in particular climate change funds and particular countries


Support for COP 16 to Mexico

  • Author and producer of two World Bank publications on Mexico’s Climate Change Program and the World Bank (English & Spanish) presented and distributed at COP 16
  • Organized and executed a Climate Change IGNITE event for World Bank upper management to showcase the most innovative climate change projects in the LAC region
  • Created country briefs for all countries in LAC on country positions and World Bank projects that were utilized by all World Bank staff that attended COP16
  • Drafted climate change briefs for the president of Mexico on the key climate change building blocks for MERCOSUR countries and Venezuela, Bolivia, and Ecuador in order to prepare him for negotiations at COP 16
  • Created and updated a comprehensive database of climate change projects for LAC that was the key source of information for World Bank staff at COP 16 as well as a guide for project managers interested in developing climate change projects