To provide innovative and high quality solutions to global environmental issues. This is achieved through a foundational team of experts across the technical spectrum with quantitative and qualitative skill sets working together to create a new way of addressing old and new environmental challenges.

About US

It all started when...

Ashley Camhi and Xavier Ndona were interning at the United Nations Forum on Forests during the summer of 2008. While it was thrilling to be a UN Intern in New York City, their main task was to edit the reports of consultants. Weeks passed and one day when Ashley and Xavier were eating lunch outside in the sweltering heat of the city, they looked at each other and said "We have been editing the work of 'professionals' in our field with decades more of experience, yet the quality of the work is so poor". Why they wondered. And why couldn't they do the same work only better because they had the passion and excitement to address environmental challenges head on. 

Nine years later this vision has become a reality. With experience working around the world with a variety of stakeholders under all conditions imaginable, one thing has become perfectly clear: While there exists a field of environmental consulting firms that easily produce hundreds of proposals annually, the quality of work has not improved. And now more than ever there is an increasing need to bring together specialists from a multitude of fields to foment innovation utilizing their technical skills without compromising the quality of their work. Thus, Camhi Environmental Consulting LLC was established in 2017.