India 2040: Transforming Indian Agriculture, Productivity, Markets, and Institutions

  • Significant contributor to report submitted to Planning Commission of India and Ministry of Agriculture

  • Forecasting of future demand for agricultural commodities in India and its policy implications on the Indian Economy

  • Use of econometric modeling related to demand systems and Input output analysis with data from Social Accounting Matrix, National Account Statistics and National Sample Survey Data

  • Use of Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modeling and Activity Analysis for Agricultural Sector of the Indian Economy

  • Identification of major implications to the rural non-farm sector, agricultural diversification, small farmer’s participation, water use efficiency, and productivity growth

Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia (CSISA)

  • Focus to improve the productivity of cereal based cropping systems, thus improving food security and farmers’ livelihoods in Bangladesh, India and Nepal

  • Designed questionnaires using Survey Be, training enumerators and conducting primary surveys in the states of Bihar, Odisha and Tamil Nadu, India

  • Conducted qualitative in-depth interviews and focus group discussions of farmers in Bihar and Odisha

  • Analyzed primary data from surveys conducted for adopters and service providers of zero till drill in Bihar, India

  • Econometric analysis of the primary surveys of adopters and service providers with the intention to suggest policies to improve the uptake of zero tillage usage