REDD+ process in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo

  • Coordinated governance and anti-corruption activities for REDD+ process in D.R.Congo for UNDP (UN-REDD Program)
  • Developed anti-corruption benchmark after Corruption risks assessment with all stakeholders involved in REDD+
  • Coordinated and facilitated the Thematic groups on REDD+ governance; capacity building of civil society on governance issues
  • Worked on transparency and forest governance issues with different organizations including OI-FLEGT and EITI
  • Assisted in the design of REDD+ strategy and investment programs for a low-carbon economic growth and sustainable development
  • Analyzed incoming REDD+ projects and initiatives with regard to Social and Environment Standards

Food Security in South Sudan

  • Managed the monthly distribution and collection of milling vouchers for 75,000 refugees
  • Administered the monthly payment of $250,000 for 65 millers participating in the World Food Program’s (WFP) Milling Voucher Program
  • Gathered quotes from international vendors, executed purchases of needed supplies, and coordinated the logistics to distribute needed supplies to four refugee camps in South Sudan

Liberian Fishponds

  • Organized the rehabilitation of fish ponds that provided food to residents
  • Recruited the team who provided the labor, planned and scheduled the work activities, and managed the work team during the rehabilitation project
  • Established and led a ten-person community organization that won a $12,700 grant from that U.S. State Department to rehabilitate the agricultural productivity of ZRTTI